Everything is better with a UNICORN πŸ¦„

Everything is better with a UNICORN πŸ¦„

Today I want to present you this cute, soft, interactive plush Clementoni Baby Unicorn 😍!!!

Apart from being too adorable, sweet, lovable, tender and charming, this unicorn will delight your children with lots of sounds and light effects. The Unicorn cheeks and horns lights up, while he also encourages visual and hearing recognition so that can help your child develop language skills. Its dimensions are 26 L x 32 W x 16 H cm, which is a handful. Moreover, your child will be in good company and as they say sparkle wherever you go 🌈

Suitable for ages 6 months+

Clementoni Baby Unicorn
Image credit: Smyths

Price GBP 14.99 from Smyths using SendOn delivery