LOL Surprise OMG Sweets Fashion Doll

LOL Surprise OMG Sweets Fashion Doll

Today we will be reviewing LOL Surprise OMG Sweets Fashion Doll, which belongs to the Series 4 of collection. Sweets comes with 20 different surprises which are all individually packed to create more amazement. These surprises range from clothes to shoes to jewelry to accessories, transforming her into the fashionista of your dreams.

Sweets like LOL Surprise! O.M.G Fashion Doll Series 4
Image credit : Amazon

Sweets has stunning features, gorgeous hair, and stunningly beautiful style, not to mention the box she comes in, which is a reusable play space for her to strut her stuff and show off her personality.

The name Sweets is very appropriate and really suits her since her long hair and pastel coloured attire reminds you of cotton candy. We really recommend this gorgeous doll because only your imagination is the limit. Anyhow who can go wrong with a LOL OMG doll. Fun fact – the first LOL doll came out on the market in December 2016 and ever since there was no turning back for MGA entertainment. 

Sweets box – front & back

Sweets can be purchased locally from local toy shops, and its selling price is €44.99. It is suitable for ages 5 years +.

Stay tuned, in the coming days we will introducing you to Sweets BFF – Spicy Babe.

Spicy Babe & Sweets

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