Helping our followers with gift ideas… Part 5

Helping our followers with gift ideas… Part 5

Today is the fifth day of the week and once again we are back with further gift ideas for our followers.

I am confused what to get my 9 months old baby. I want to purchase some items which are playful, fun and that can help my little one in her growth. Can I ask for some tips? My budget is around 50 euros.

There are loads of educational toys one can chose from, I just opted for the below 2 toys.

This Fisher-Price Smart Stages Interactive Puppy, is not just interactive but it’s a soft, huggable toy which can also be used as a sleep buddy 😊. This puppy can help in the development of your little ones as he chats, lights up, loves to cuddle, sings, makes sounds. With this toy, your baby never feels lonely and is always in good company. It is very easy to use, your baby just needs to press the patches found on the toy and boom 💣, this puppy starts keeping your infant lots of company. There are 2 buddies one can chose from Fisher-Price Smart Stages Interactive Puppy & Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Sis. both are squishy, cute and adorable.

Suitable for 6 months +

Fisher-Price Smart Stages Interactive Puppy
Image credit: The Entertainer

And… with this WinFun Tiny Tots Learning Pad, one can’t go wrong! Even though it is suitable from ages 2, I believe that this can be suitable even to a younger age. Kids love exploring, and when there are sounds, music it intrigues them more, so why not give them this pad to start learning from a young age? This tablet has a colourful graphic display and lights up as well! It also has letters, numbers and animals which are easily manageable and aid your little in the learning experience.

This is toy is so much fun and good value for money!

Suitable for ages 2 +

WinFun Tiny Tots Learning Pad
Image credit: The Entertainer

Both from The Entertainer, Price 32 GBP (without shipping)